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This six week program is the best program I’ve have ever offered.  It will consist of the Pittsburgh Pirates long toss program,  getting faster on the 60s (what you will run for Scouts) and Base Running / Stealing strategies that I used to break the University of Georgia's All Time Single Season Stolen Base Record that currently still stands! This program will be 60-90 minutes for 3 days a week for 6 weeks.  You will see your 60 time go down 3/10 of a second.   You will see that you’ll be throwing the ball 5 to 7 miles an hour harder and you want your arm will not be sore in the spring.   You are going to learn so much about the game.  You are going to find out that it does not take six months of practice, it takes six weeks of every day doing a little bit.  I’ve never been so excited a program as I am about this program.  I’m looking forward to seeing you fellows out there. I am going to share special information that I’ve never given away before straight from my oracle from major-league baseball that I received when I went to Scout School.  You will have a cheat sheet that tells you everything a Scout is looking for.  This program will provide skills practice and strategies to prepare you to get the best exposure when the time is right.  Space is limited.  Be sure to register today!  I am looking forward to seeing you guys.  Let's have some fun and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Chaz Lytle
Milwaukee Brewers Scout
Pittsburgh Pirates Batting Title
University of Georgia All Time Stolen Base Champ


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Chaz Lytle 

Chaz Lylte

Chaz Lylte

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