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CFAA Bulldawgs Tryout Registration

Tryouts for our 12u and 13u teams as follows.  We are also collecting interest in forming an 10u team.  All current players will be trying out.  It is important for ALL players to experience professional tryouts to build confidence and reward effort.  

12u Team - COOPERSTOWN 2018 TEAM will be finalized so that the team can bond and develop.  Seeking 12-14 players to fill key positions.  A firm COMMITMENT to training is expected.  

13u Team - LET'S GET READY FOR THE BIG FIELD!!  Seeking 12 players to fill key positions.  A firm COMMITMENT to training is expected.  This is when we start gearing up for high school and scout ball, fellas!  Learn the advance skills and strategies to make the team, earn the starting spot and secure college scholarships.  

Sunday, July 30th from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Players will be evaluated on their hitting, IF, OF, 60 times, and pitchers will take 20 off the mound.  Local field location is TBD.

Cost: $20 (Collected at tryout)

Professional Coaching Staff includes:

Chaz Lytle, Milwaukee Brewers Central Florida Associate Scout, Pittsburgh Pirates Batting Title, UGA All-Time Stolen Base Champ

Tyler Weyant, Penn State Altoona, 8 years of coaching experience with the Flood City Elite Scout ball program

Hugo Tulla, Lake Howell, Chaz Lytle Baseball Coaching Staff

Camron White, Winter Springs HS, Alabama State University,  Lake Mary High School Baseball Volunteer Coach

Team Specs:

*  Coaches include current and former Professional and / or Collegiate Players under the expertise of Manager, Chaz Lytle,  current Milwaukee Brewers Central Florida Associate Scout, 2003 Pittsburgh Pirates Batting Title, University of Georgia's ALL-Time Stolen Base Champ and current mentor for the Association of Ball Players of America 

*  2 Baseball Events per month including quality tournaments or double headers with local teams

*  2 practices per week including indoor and on the field at our air-conditioned indoor facility in Longwood

* Fees include tournament and umpire fees, coaching fees, and program fees.

* Additional cost will include the purchase of uniforms, traveling expenses, hotel stays (Cooperstown 2018 (12u), etc), gate fees, food / drinks, private lessons and other events as posted on the event registration

* Players will need a birth certificate and proof of insurance on file

* Players and Parents will need to read and sign a team agreement for the season

*  Tryouts will be held two times per year in July / August and January

*  Four Seasons:
Summer Training Season - June - August
Fall Season: August - November
Winter Ball Training Season: December - January
Spring Season: February - May



Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Chaz Lytle

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